Speaking to the fine art of fundraising

Raising money is both an art and a science. No one knows this better than Story by Design founder Michale Gabriel, former Director of Development for the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington, where she was in charge of a $2.8 million capital campaign.

Michale has also helped dozens of other agencies and organizations raise millions of dollars by finding, crafting and telling their stories in ways that reveal shared values, inspiring people to open their hearts (and pocketbooks!). She can work with you to tell your story powerfully and well.

“Michale Gabriel’s storytelling inspires people of all ages to open up their hearts and their checkbooks. She has the amazing ability to connect people with causes that matter to them and to raise money on behalf of those organizations.” Read more
Jan Knutson, Senior Center Development & Endowment Director, Anchorage, Alaska