A healthy dose of inspiration for patients, families and organizations.

These days, few would argue against the therapeutic value of happiness for patients. As Story by Design founder Michale Gabriel has learned, that benefit extends to families, caregivers and entire health care organizations.

Founder of the acclaimed, groundbreaking Storytelling Residency program at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Michale is a leading authority on the healing value of storytelling–as well as the power of story in uniting healthcare and other organizations.

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“Michale Gabriel’s work with dying children and their siblings is beautiful, inspiring, and therapeutic in the most complete sense of the word. I have listened and watched as Michale lovingly involved family members in her storytelling. I have been inspired by the response of the children and adult family members to Michale’s magic and wisdom.”
-Gerri Haynes, Hospice Consultant
Founder, Evergreen Hospice, Kirkland, WA