Awards and Honors for Michale Gabriel

● Published: “Alex’s Story” and “Jessica’s Story,” in Chicken Soup to Inspire the Body and Soul.
● Published: Using Children’s Literature, Storytelling, Writing, Drama and Art to Enhance Your Classroom Program (Grades K-6)

Resource Handbook, Bureau of Education & Research

● Published: “I Want to Tell You a Story” in The Healing Heart: Storytelling to Encourage Caring and Healthy Families

New Society Publishers

● Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow
● Parents’ Choice Award Winner for “Tales from Mother Russia”
● Producer, “Word Dreams: Stories that Inspire”
● Featured: Young Storytellers in Russia, PBS award winning documentary
● Featured: Russian-produced series on her storytelling. 50 million viewers
● Featured: NBC Nightly News
● Featured: Christian Science Monitor
● Published: “Learning & Growing Through Stories” (article), Johns Hopkins University School of Education, New Horizons for Learning
● Honored in a national newspaper ad campaign as a Calvin College alumna
● Recipient, Loeta Fyan Award for Creative Service for Children, Michigan Library Association
● Miss Anchorage
● 1st Runner-up for Miss Alaska