“Phenomenal results…”

“Michale blew my group away. When she told a story, you could see that each person there was totally engaged. Years later they still remember the excitement and enthusiasm, and are still living it today.

“I worked at Boeing for 34 years. I was in management for 10 years. I had a team of about 30 people from across the U.S. who worked under my leadership. They went out throughout the company and preached employee engagement. I knew that I really needed to fire them up. I needed someone really special. Michale worked in my organization at the time and I knew she was having phenomenal results. She helped me design a session. She came up with something I would never have thought of! In five sessions, she gave attendees exactly what they needed–engaging, hands-on activities that inspired them while they had fun and enjoyed themselves. It was exactly what they needed. She drew them in, in a way that I could not. When she told a story, you could hear a pin drop. She blew my team away.

“I can get people’s heads in the game, but Michale gets their hearts there.”

-Cordell Hauglie, Retired, Fortune 50 corporation