“I grew in ways I never expected. Thank you so much for helping me share my life.”

“I just want to thank you for all of your help and support in getting me up to the plate on Wednesday. I was terrified, but I don’t need to tell you that, I think you already know. Being ‘in the moment’ had been the very thing I’ve been avoiding.

“I probably went over the allotted time, but I don’t think anyone noticed. I was lost in the moment and at several points I forgot I was even in the room. I remember a couple of times the room came back into focus, and that is when I saw the power of storytelling. The feeling you must have when you know people aren’t just listening to a story, but are living it with you.

“More than anything I want to say thank-you for your support, compassion and encouragement. I was an honor to be selected for the program to begin with, but the experience turned out to be even more rewarding than I could have imagined. I’m still having trouble reconciling how it was possible that this program would cross over into an opportunity to reassess my past to turn it into a positive.

“I grew in ways I never expected. All in all, I have come an amazing distance, and I want to thank you for helping me see that I have no shame in who I’ve become despite all of the adversities in my path, and actually feel valued. Thank you so much for being an anchor for me and helping me to share my life out loud. I could not have done that without the gift of your heart helping mine.”

Karen M.
Information Technology
Fortune 50 company