“Fabulous reactions…”

“Michale Gabriel’s storytelling inspires people of all ages to open both their hearts and their checkbooks. Whether Michale is speaking with employee groups or, corporate leaders and/or civic organizations, she has the amazing ability to connect people with causes that matter to them and to raise money on behalf of those organizations. Michale’s stories speak on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves.

“I met Michale at the United Way of Seattle/King County, where she was invited to be the storyteller for our internal campaign. She was phenomenal as a speaker. She does all of her homework and never goes before an audience without incredible preparation and knowledge of the organization. She is an actress in the most positive way–incredibly dynamic and passionate. It was really good for us.

“Then I was on loan from United Way to be full-time at The Boeing Company for their United Way internal campaign. They were about to have their kick-off for all their executives. I recommended Michale to be the storyteller for that kickoff breakfast and she just wowed everybody. Throughout the three months of the campaign, she was invited to come to different divisions and talk about giving from the heart. Everyone just loved her. The campaign was very successful.

“I have been a member of Rotary Club for years both in Seattle and Anchorage. I recommended that Michale do presentations for us. Everyone was absolutely amazed by her preparation, personalization, passion and commitment.

“My husband and I married in 2005. Michale was the storyteller at our reception. It was an amazing, wonderful, bi-cultural event. My relatives came from Norway. She met with both me and Ed, together and separately and wove all we said together. Her prep work was just outstanding, along with her performance. We had fabulous reactions. She was able to captivate an audience of 300 people with the essence of our commitment and the longevity of our passion for each other. It was an incredible celebration.

“From someone who may not know Michale, she really does her homework, whether it is performing a wedding ceremony or delivering a keynote. That’s her strength: she can literally go into any setting, whether it’s a business or a non-profit or club or wedding or memorial and make a lasting impact.”

-Jan Knutson, Senior Center Development & Endowment Director,
Anchorage, Alaska