Building Story Skills

Stories illustrate ideas and inspire action in ways that no charts or graphs can. Successful advertisers know this. So do great speech writers, lawyers, politicians and media moguls.

Odds are, your stories (and those of your associates) are as powerful as any others. You just need to identify them—and learn to tell them compellingly and well.

The strategic, skillful use of stories can enhance leadership, boost group cooperation, make presentations more powerful, send sales skyward, build self-confidence and even promote healing. Learn how in Story by Design’s specialized seminars and workshops and through one-to-one coaching by internationally acclaimed storytelling expert Michale Gabriel.
“I took the Storytelling for Business Presentations class Michale created. I just finished a 30-minute presentation to 250 people. I was much more relaxed than I had ever been and got almost a dozen compliments. It was a huge improvement.”
Tim A.
Wireless Network Technology
Fortune 50 company