Ancient art, timely science.

Many people confuse the word “story” with fiction. But the greatest stories are really all about truth.

Think of the world’s great religions and the power of their parables. Or Aesop’s life-lesson fables. The ancient myth of King Midas. Young Lincoln reading by firelight. “The Little Engine that Could.”

Great stories slip easily into our consciousness. They glide right around our resistance. They reveal shared values and help us see things—including each other—in brand new ways.

Mind-changing, memorable stories can pinpoint your truth, unite your groups and inspire action. Imagine them revealed at your next celebration, conference or workshop—and the lasting effect they could have.

“(Story by Design founder) Michale brought new perspective and focus to our leadership team. I was impressed with her way of thinking. She coached the presenters (in a way) that brought out sharing and awareness that weren’t there before.” Read more
Letha Joye Jepson, IT Director, Fortune 50 Company