The power of Story.

Can you picture yourself in one of these situations?

• You, in a presentation, on fire with a new solution. It’s right up your alley. You know it will jumpstart a project, open a door, break up a logjam. But when you share, you’re met with polite noncommittal or, worse yet, blank stares.

• You, in a conversation that seems to be going nowhere. And suddenly, one of you says, “Did you ever?” or “Remember when?” A spark flickers. Cooperation begins.

There are times when we all get stymied. Then there are times things just “click.” And often the big difference is telling, or hearing, a story.

Stories define and unite us. They cement friendships, galvanize audiences, motivate employees, and increase productivity. They make the impossible plausible, grief bearable and joy contagious.

Story by Design can harness the power of story for your event, business or other organization—and help you and your employees learn the skills to do so, too.

“Michale Gabriel has a special gift–the ability to focus an audience both intellectually and emotionally around shared values and purpose.”
Frank Blethen, CEO and Publisher (retired), Seattle Times